Offshore Recruiting

AbroadWorks is everywhere, literally. Having offices in New York and Florida, we are now a fully-remote team with employees across the world. We strongly believe in remote work staffing solutions because it allows us to hire the best of the best worldwide and provide top quality talent to our customers.

Our recruitment team relies on customized assessments, interviews, and our state-of-the art home-brewed technology, to sort through thousands of candidates and identify the applicant that is best suited to fill your staffing needs.

Our candidates and employees are put through a strict application and interview process to work with us here at AbroadWorks. They are specifically vetted for their experience, skills and abilities suited for your needs.

Our model is targeted at business professionals primarily based out of the Philippines and Mexico with qualified and verified experience.

Our remote employees are equipped to tackle virtually any job that can be done remotely. Whether it’s something as straightforward as data entry and administrative tasks or more intricate roles such as accounting and web development, we specialize in finding the right employee for your needs. You name the role, and we’ll identify the perfect candidate to handle it!

Our employees can work at any time that is most convenient for your business operations. AbroadWorks can even help you make your business operate 24/7. Our search will primarily be dedicated to finding the best possible person available and willing to work your defined operating hours.

We use online tracking software that monitors the employees’ schedule compliance, working hours, activity rate, and screenshots to ensure that proper work is being done.

They will only track their time for whatever direct work hours they are doing for you and will only track time according to the schedule you set for them.

You set the schedule with your desired employee on a weekly or monthly basis and our employee will be available at those specified start/end times.

Based on mutual agreement with your AbroadWorks employee, overtime work is permitted and billed at regular hourly rates. Should you wish to prevent overtime hours from being billed, a request just needs to be made and we can implement it into your employees time tracking.

Of course! We want to ensure that you get your money’s worth, form a degree of familiarity and chemistry with your future team members, and give the green light before hiring. We arrange candidate meetings or interviews via Google Meet and send the invite to your email to inform you ahead of time. This meeting will help you weigh the candidate’s qualifications for the job you’re looking to fill.

Yes, Building a team is what we do. Once you discover what we are able to do for you and your business, we’re confident that you’ll want to build out your team of professionals that will help make your life much simpler.

AbroadWorks offers competitive hourly rates with no hidden fees or charges. The AbroadWorks concept is to deliver you with the Top 1% of Talent that offers a significant reduction in cost compared to hiring locally and directly.

Our profit margin model strictly relies on billable hourly rates, thus ensuring our commitment to a long term relationship and consistent customer satisfaction.

Our services are based on a month by month billing cycle, and your first month is considered a trial period during which you can terminate at any time. After the trial period we would require 30 day’s notice to terminate services.

We can assist you in replacing any employee at any time free of charge.

You can utilize any median of communication you choose with our employees. May it be via Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, or through email.

You may ask your remote employee to create progress reports of the project/tasks you assigned them on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. We also encourage meeting with them on a regular basis and getting them involved in company meetings. Use of project management software like Asana, Monday.com, etc. is also recommended.

AbroadWorks will invoice you every first of the month for hours worked during the prior month.

AbroadWorks accepts payment via ACH or Credit Card; however, there is a 3% transaction fee for credit cards.

Your invoices will be billed in USD.

While we won’t obligate you to provide incentives to the employees, you are free to do so should you feel that they deserve it. We encourage some form of bonus to be given to deserving employees to maintain employee morale and satisfaction. The incentives/bonus has to come through us but we will bill you for it during the following invoice and the employee will get 100% of the bonus given to them.

AbroadWorks will invest significant effort and resources in finding your ideal remote employee. However if you do decide that employee is not meeting expectations we will work with you in finding a replacement employee at no cost. If you determine that you do not wish to find a replacement all work hours to date will be deducted from your security deposit and the remainder can be refunded back to you.

AbroadWorks Employees follow the schedule you require to meet your business needs, we kindly request that you inform us and your AbroadWorks employee ahead of time as applicable holiday schedules.

As with any business, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure security procedures are in place when working with contractors.

There are two ways to grant your remote employee access to your software/tools, direct username + password with limited access to the system. Alternatively, you can have a computer in your office with your software along with remote desktop software that your remote employee will have access to. AbroadWorks can also help with a Virtual Private Server that can have all ongoing work remain on a secure server that we can control and disable at any time.

As a company, we specialize in offshore remote work. Meaning, that part of our services is to save you money by having the employees remote in the comfort of their homes and not have you spend money unnecessarily for equipment and utility. However, when necessary we do have placement services that can help assist with your local recruiting needs.