E-commerce Call Center Services

  • Customer Service

    We take Customer Support seriously, testing all of our contractors extensively on their language and customer service skills with a custom-built competency test. Our specialists scored in the top 5th percentile for: attention to details; sorting and composing emails; responding to customer service scenarios, and typing skill. Fluent in English, our specialists are personable, professional communicators.

  • Technical Support/Help Desk Services

    Outsourced technical support is often questioned because many people have had negative experiences. For this reason, we go beyond the standard vetting process to make sure our specialists are English fluent and have the knowledge required to solve technical problems. Our specialists don’t read from scripts, but instead offer one-on-one support to create an above average customer experience. Get customer service reps on your team who you can rely on for day-to-day business operations.

  • Multi-channel Support

    Do you need someone who can handle communications and inquiries streaming in from multiple channels? Whether it’s your website, phone, email, instagram, facebook, or other channels, Our multi-channel support specialists possess the technical know-how of younger generations combined with the experience and expertise of older generations. Stay on top of incoming messages and keep your brand reputation high.